Grower feed

African catfish (Clarias gariepinus)

Focus on feed performance

BioMar's EFICO Alpha 838F feed for catfish is designed for farmers who focus on a total economic performance. With an optimized digestible protein/digestible energy ratio specifically for catfish, the fish perform exceptionally well in terms of growth, feed conversion ratio, and flesh quality.

Grower feed

EFICO Alpha 838F

EFICO Alpha 838F - Best total economic performance feed

  • Cost-effective high protein, low fat and high amount of carbohydrates diet, adapted for catfish farming.

  • Focus on providing the necessary digestible energy (DE), digestible protein (DP) with balanced amino acid profile and micronutrients for growth and optimal fish development.

  • Good physical quality, with well-calibrated sizes and absence of dust to promote a clean and healthy aquatic environment.
EFICO Alpha 838F
Pellet size (mm) 3 – 4.5 – 6 - 9
DE (MJ/kg) 15.7
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