Salvea - Your Natural Choice


SalveaTM is a feed concept for aquaculture. It takes us back to nature with recipes rich in natural ingredients and carefully selected, sustainably sourced raw materials.

The SalveaTM concept is for seafood lovers. It is for those who endeavour to increase their quality of life through informed food choices. It is for those who care for the living in the depth of the blue sea.

SalveaTM feeds are crafted in a respectful way towards Mother Nature and its resources, caring for the life below water.

SalveaTM feeds are the simple solution for fish farmers to provide fish to consumers that look for increasing their well-being through a healthy lifestyle and that are also mindful of the nature.

With SalveaTM, your fish is touched by Mother Nature.

Give today’s discerning consumers what they are looking for – a sustainable and natural seafood choice – your SalveaTM fish.

Mother Nature Knows Best

Today, we are more deliberate than ever when making our food choices. We ask more questions about the food on our plate. We want to know where it comes from, how it is made and what is in it.

Mother Nature (content)

The variety of information that we are exposed to can create confusion about what is good and nutritious, what is best for our well-being, what is best for the planet.

In the midst of this complexity, we, consumers of today, want simple answers.

We turn to where we come from: Mother Nature.

In search for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle

We - consumers of today - are more conscious than ever about the safety, nutritional values and trustworthiness of our food and drink. Claims related to environmental properties of food are increasingly gaining importance when making our choices

A healthy lifestyle

We are increasingly in search for adopting a healthy lifestyle by adjusting our eating habits*

  • In the UK, 49 % of the consumers gave health as the reasons for reducing their meat consumption, whereas in the same research weight management was the reason for 29 %.

  • Globally, we are still omnivorous. However, popularity of meat-light diets is increasing: over 60 % of vegans/pescatarians and over 50 % of vegetarians have adhered to their respective diet for one year or less**.

* An exploration into diets around the world, Ipsos MORI Global Advisor Survey. N=20313 28 countries, August 2018
** Food for thought: 10 trends which are (re)shaping the Food & Beverage Market, IPSOS Knowledge Centre, July 2018

Getting back to nature

Getting back to nature does not only getting from nature. It is also giving back to nature

Marine fish stocks are in danger. With this awareness, today’s consumers want to do their individual contribution to the conservation and sustainable use of these natural resources. They also demand the same dedication from the stakeholders in the aquaculture value chain.

  • A majority of consumers across Europe believe that selling responsibly farmed seafood should be a top priority for supermarkets (88 % in France, 80 % in Germany and 79 % in the Netherlands)*

  • 63 % of respondents to a survey in Germany believe that eating more farmed seafood is important for saving the oceans*

  • 58% of respondents to a survey in Germany express a preference for products with a sustainability label*

  • 70 % of seafood consumers said people should be prepared to switch to more suistainable seafood**

  • 72 % of seafood consumers agree that in order to save the ocean we have to consume seafood only from sustainable sources**

*European consumers believe responsible farmed seafood should be supermarket priority,
**Seafood consumers want less polution and more fish in the sea,

Natural is here to stay

“Natural” is here to stay

“Natural” is closely associated with simplicity. It is aligned with the ingredients in a food product. By consumers, “natural” is seen as*:

  • 100 % from nature – 44 %

  • Healthy – 43 %

Given the rapid and widespread expansion of “back to nature” within the last decades, it is more of a movement than a passing fad. It is rather a lifestyle than a trend. It is here to stay**.

*Natural' What does it mean to consumers?, Ipsos MORI Global Advisor Survey N=14002 28 countries, Ipsos, April 2018
**Natural Foods are a lifestyle, not a trend, for many shoppers,