EFICO Plus - Serious feeds for serious challenges

Functional feeds

Sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)


EFICO Plus - Stronger fish deal better with challenges

EFICO Plus is designed to help strengthen natural resistance and defense of the fish before planned or expected stress periods. EFICO Plus includes extra vitamins and several potent micronutrients, and it is specially formulated for preparing fish for challenging periods, such as handling, grading, temperature changes and fish transfer.

Functional feed

EFICO Plus 805 & 805F

EFICO Plus 805 & 805F - The feeding choice for stressful periods

  • Special feeds targeted for preparing fish for challenging periods and changing conditions, such as seasonal varying temperatures, and times of handling, grading, or transferring fish.
  • Boosted with immune-modulating ingredients to promote immune system's quick reaction in case of stress or infection.
  • Enriched with anti-oxidant vitamins to fight free-radicals and support collagen growth
  • EFICO Plus 805 include Bactocell®, a well-documented probiotic that reduces vertebral deformities across fish species.
  • The fine-tuned feed formulation with a higher digestible protein/digestible energy ratio and lower fat level combined with innovative components affect growth positively, helps improve liver condition by limiting the excess of fat deposition, and eventually contributes to a high quality end product.
  • EFICO Plus 805 should preferably be used for 3-4 weeks before the winter period and 3-4 weeks during spring to prepare the fish for the difficult cold winter period and the fast growth of the summer period, respectively. Also to be used before planned manipulation of fish in the farm.
  • Floating version also available (EFICO Plus 805F)
EFICO Plus 805
Pellet size (mm) EFICO Plus 805: 3 – 4.5 – 6.5
DE (MJ/kg) EFICO Plus 805/805F: 16.5/17.1 – 16.7 - 16.8
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