Targeting specific farming objectives

Sea bream grower feeds 

Sparus aurata

The right feed for the right need


Skyrocket the growth

MAXIOTM feeds are designed to provide fish farmers with the ultimate results in terms of production parameters and aims at maximizing productivity when fish prices are high in the market.

MAXIOTM is a powerful solution that allows farmers to feed at full throttle under optimal market conditions.

MAXIOTM is an essential solution when maximum biomass gain is the top-priority parameter. In MAXIOTM feeds, the combination of digestible protein and digestible energy is optimized for reasonable feed costs, low feed conversion rates and second-to-none growth rate.

MAXIOTM range comprises versions with the well-established ENA2 package - the synergetic action of different functional ingredients and micro-ingredients, targeted at enhancing absorption capability, gut integrity and immune function.


The efficient solution

EFICO is an efficient solution that allows farmers to control the economic performance of their farm under challenging market conditions.

EFICO feeds aim for delivering affordable feed costs when fish prices are low in the market and minimizing production cost is crucial for a profitable farming business.

BioMar’s EFICO feeds aim for delivering affordable feed cost and reasonable production cost. Digestible protein and digestible energy in EFICO feeds are combined for optimizing the feeds for a relatively low feed cost and low feed conversion rate. BioMar caters for an increased feed and farming efficiency by utilising a wide range of raw materials in an innovative way in the formulation of EFICO products.

Feed comparison

Comparison table: Maxio and Efico

EFICO Enviro 920 Advance EFICO Enviro 921 advance EFICO Enviro 941 EFICO Enviro 978
Pellet size (mm) 3 – 4.5 - 6 - 8 3 - 4.5 - 6 3 – 4.5 - 6 3 - 4.5
DE (MJ/kg) 21.7 – 21.8 – 22.1 - 22.1 21.1 - 21.3 - 21.5 19.4 – 19.3 - 20.4 19.5
LAP Yes Yes No No
Datasheets Download Download Download Download
Comment Top performing grower feed Ideal for quality meat and roe Formulated for Arctic charr