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Sole (Solea Senegalensis)


BioMar’s grower feed for sole is based on extensive and continuous research programmes. Through this research and a continuous cooperation with farmers, BioMar has developed EFICO Sigma feeds for sole that meet the special requirement of sole as well as fish farmers’ demands for farming this species.

Grower feed

EFICO Sigma 874

EFICO Sigma 874 - Best choice for maximum growth of sole

  • The Digestible protein/Digestible energy has been optimised with special focus on the amino acid profile aligned with sole's body composition.

  • Formulated with the best raw materials available to guarantee excellent palatability and performance.

  • Perfect physical and hydrodynamic pellet quality necessary for sole.

  • Undergoes continuous development with specialized institutes or in close collaboration with sole producers to achieve best economic performance.
EFICO Sigma 874
Pellet size (mm) 3 - 4.5 - 6.5
DE (MJ/kg) 19.5 - 19.5 - 19.5
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