Functional feeds

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Functional feeds

SmartCare FOCUS 2006 FR_EN - STURGEON (container)

Are you prepared?

Gearing up with extra protection is always a good idea in certain situations. At BioMar we developed SmartCare FOCUS to make your fish prepare for an upcoming stressful period, such as transfer, vaccination, handling, grading or environmental changes. Get your fish
prepared with SmartCare FOCUS.

  • SmartCare FOCUS offers extra additives, immune-modulating and antioxidative properties and prepares your fish for resisting the challenges of fish farming.

  • It is recommended to utilise SmartCare FOCUS right before and/or during periods of challenging conditions such as handling, sub-optimal oxygen conditions and highly varying temperatures.

SmartCare FOCUS 2006
Pellet size (mm) 3 – 4.5 – 6.5 – 9
DE (MJ/kg) 16.5 - 16.7 - 16.8 - 16.8
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Comment Prior to Stressful periods