EFICO Sigma 811 - A cost-effective feed for sturgeon meat production

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Sturgeon meat production

Traditionally, farmers focusing on producing sturgeon for meat have used low energy salmonid feed. The market demanded an affordable feed that met sturgeon’s specific nutritional requirements. In 2015, BioMar introduced EFICO Sigma 811, which is formulated based on sturgeon amino acid requirements and micro-nutrient needs.

Grower feed for meat production

EFICO Sigma 811R

A cost-effective feed for sturgeon meat production

  • A cost-effective, palatable grower feed formulated specifically for sturgeon farmers.

  • Increased levels of vitamins C, E, and micro-nutrients necessary for fast growth of sturgeon.

  • Recipe optimised to align with sturgeons' body composition.

  • High protein and medium energy to promote sturgeon growth and flexibility in feeding rates.

  • Uses a formulation designed to attain consistent performance with ideal amino acid levels.

EFICO Sigma 811R
Pellet size (mm) 3 – 4.5 - 6 - 8
DE (MJ/kg) 16.5 – 16.5 – 16.5 - 16.5
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