Functional feeds

Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)


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Stronger fish deal better with challenges. FOCUS Plus is a functional feed supplement designed to help strengthen natural resistance and defense of the fish, thereby providing the best economic performance in times of stress.

FOCUS Plus includes extra vitamins and several potent micronutrients, and it is specially formulated for fish undergoing challenging periods and stressful conditions, such as handling, grading, temperature changes and fish transfer.

BioMar's FOCUS Plus is based on extensive knowledge and solid documentation of immunomodulating ingredients. We continuously make strong efforts to identify and select the best type of components, focusing on potency and consistent, premium quality.

EFICO Vital – Prepare your trout for the summer

During the warm summer months, trout can become stressed by increased temperatures, resulting in poor performance and increased mortality. Alongside good farming practices, BioMar’s EFICO Vital helps improve the condition of trout by enhancing the gut environment and helping prevent poor growth during warm temperatures. 

Functional feeds

EFICO YS 892F Boost

The everyday boost for trout

  • Medium-high energy extruded and floating pellets carefully formulated with quality ingredients, which provide essential micronutrients and a balanced amino acid profile for good growth.

  • Contains B-WYSETM**, a multi-strains yeast fraction that provides enhanced immunomodulating and binding activities toward undesirable bacteria, along with mucus boosting effects.

  • Includes Bactocell®*, a well-documented probiotic that modulates gut microflora, contributes to an improved absorption of nutrients and minerals, and reduces deformities across fish species.

  • The combination of Bactocell®* and B-WYSETM** helps strengthen the outer and inner barrier of the fish across mucosa, contributing to provide a better fish resilience against bacterial, environmental and physical challenge in the farm, such as handling or treatments side-effects.

  • In order to fully benefit from EFICO YS 892F Boost, it is recommended to be used in a continuous way over the rearing cycle.

* Bactocell®* is the only probiotic approved by the European Commission for inclusion in fish feed. The approval is based on extensive documentation of reduced occurrence of deformities across fish species.

** B-WYSE™ (BioMar Whole Yeast Synergistic Extracts) is a functional yeast-based additive developed by BioMar’s partner Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

EFICO YS 892F Boost
Pellet size (mm) 3 - 4,5 - 6,5 – 9 - 11
DE (MJ/kg) 20 - 20,2 - 20,7 – 21,2 – 21,2
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Comment Aliment fonctionnel flottant à forte teneur énergétique

More than an excellent grower feed

  • BioMar's reference feed choice for the challenging periods with high temperatures.

  • Contains Bactocell®, the only probiotic approved for its use in fish feed.

  • Recommended to feed EFICO Vital 808F when water temperatures start to go up or throughout the stressful period.
INICIO Vital 808 and EFICO Vital 808F
Pellet size (mm) INICIO Vital 808: 1.9 / EFICO Vital 808F (floating): 3 - 4.5 - 6.5 – 9 - 11
DE (MJ/kg) INICIO Vital 808: 19.4 / EFICO Vital 808F: 20.1 - 20.2 - 20.7 - 21.3 - 21.3
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Comment High temperature periods

FOCUS Plus - Stronger fish deal better with challenges

For immune-system maintenance, BioMar recommends using FOCUS Plus every four weeks. FOCUS Plus is also recommended for use 2-4 weeks prior to and during predicted stressful events or challenging farming conditions.

FOCUS Plus is sold as a supplement to EFICO YS 892F.