Sustainability Is About Harvesting Nature's Resources So That They Replenish Themselves And Are Not Depleted 


About our innovation and sustainability efforts
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BioMar brings focus to the blue journey towards increased sustainability

Knowledge of several critical environmental impact areas of aquafeeds is essential in helping make sustainable decisions. That is why some BioMar feeds in our Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) Divisions will now include new sustainability indicators on technical product datasheets. This knowledge will help farmers in their pursuit to reduce negative environmental impacts.

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BioMar launches its 2030 Ambitions

On the back of today’s launch of the BioMar 2020 Sustainability Report, we announce our 2030 Ambitions. We make a promise, to our planet and its people with a set of ambitious targets that will seek to aid in the restoration of our environment while enabling humanity to thrive. Two key areas are focused on the reduced impact of aquaculture feeds while the third will enable capacity building in our communities.

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Sustainability is our goal – with every bag of feed

BioMar Group is in a constant quest for enabling sustainable solutions for the aquaculture industry. A recent initiative of the BioMar feed factory in Denmark is to utilise feed bags made of 75 % recycled plastic material.

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Accelerating performance of marine RAS nurseries

RAS expands towards marine nurseries and this asks for special attention on specific properties of the feed, such as faeces stability. BioMar presents LARVIVA ORBIT, its new aquafeed specially developed for marine RAS nurseries. LARVIVA ORBIT is planned to be available on the market in the first quarter of 2020. From spring 2020, sea bass and sea bream hatcheries will have access to ORBIT feeds specifically designed for prolonging the growth of fry in land-based facilities before transfer to sea cages.

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Our guiding principles

How we secure a high standard of our business
Guidelines & Reporting

Our guidelines and reporting systems

The BioMar Group has a comprehensive set of guidelines and we apply a high level of control to ensure that our goals are met. Furthermore, we commit to increased public transparency of our activities by reporting through our GRI report.

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BioMar’s Sustainability Report

Strong commitment to sustainability

BioMar’s Sustainability Report outlines our ambitious targets for sustainability, but also shows the strong commitment that the BioMar Group has had over the years to developing sustainable and responsible solutions throughout its activities.

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Sustainable Seafood

Stories about our efforts for securing sustainably produced seafood

Environmental footprint

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The global need for food will increase, and aquaculture can become a very important player in establishing sufficient and sustainable food production, according to the UN.

BioMar works with customers to improve the sustainability of their farming activities. We use sustainably sourced raw materials – delivered by responsible suppliers. We enhance transparency and traceability throughout the whole supply chain.  And we always search for new and more sustainable raw materials.

We always strive to reduce our own environmental footprint. 

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Transparency & Food Safety

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Complete traceability is fundamental to food safety. BioMar procedures and registrations contribute to full traceability both forwards and backwards in the food production chain. All feed ingredients can be traced back through BioMar's production and warehouses to the supplier of each individual raw material. Similarly, any raw material or finished feed can be traced to the individual farmer who has received the feed from BioMar.  

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Sourcing in BioMar

We secure that raw materials are responsibly sourced, with full traceability. For transportation of raw materials our focus is reducing the environmental footprint.