Trial Results for Rainbow Trout in Hirtshals Denmark

The aim of this trial was to document and compare the effect and performance on large rainbow trout. Five BioMar diets were used against one diet from Competitor 1 and one diet from Competitor 2 under controlled conditions.





  • The trial has run according to normal standard procedure

  • Blue Impact9024 and EE923adv have the best FCR, however not statistically significant different to Competitor 1

  • No statistically significant difference in SGR between Blue Impact9024, EE923adv and Competitor 1

  • The feeding level was above recommended feeding level (feeding was performed ad libitum with feed waste observed)

  • Blue Impact9024 has the lowest phosphorus-pollution

  • TEP shows that Blue Impact9024 is best by 0,01 EUR/kg feed compared to Competitor 1 and by 0.27 EUR/kg feed compared to Competitor 2