BioMar becomes a member of API, the Italian Aquaculture Association

BioMar is happy to announce that the company has recently joined API – Associazione Piscicoltori Italiani, reinforcing its presence as a growingly trusted partner to the Italian fish farmers in the aquaculture sector.

API aims to protect, develop and consolidate all fish farming activities in Italy, in both land and marine waters, strengthening the competitive position of its members and creating a strong collaborative network in the market.

Becoming an API member supports BioMar’s goal of participating actively in the main aquaculture organizations and markets, reinforcing its contribution to the development of a sustainable and efficient aquaculture industry.

This way BioMar strengthens its presence as a growingly strong partner to the Italian fish farmers. By innovating efficient and sustainable feed for aquaculture, BioMar supports fish farmers in delivering safe and great tasting seafood. 

API is a non-profit corporation which aims to protect, develop and consolidate all activities related to aquaculture. API is a professional association established in June 1964, it gathers over 300 fish farms of fresh, salt and brackish water and of many species, which represent around 90% of the Italian production of finfish. API’s work focuses on providing up-to-date knowledge and training opportunities to ensure the continuous professional development of the fish farm workers. API has national and international recognition and exposure and collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders and a large network of fish farmers (fresh, salt and brackish water) across the entire country.