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Joining at Aqua 2018 in Montpellier

August 24 2018

25th to 29th of August aquaculture stakeholders join in Montpellier, France, at the occasion of Aqua 2018. BioMar is proud to again being the Gold sponsor of Aqua 2018 and to present our input to creating an efficient and sustainable global aquaculture.

BioMar is the Gold Sponsor of Aqua 2018, the aquaculture event, co-organized by the European Aquaculture Society (EAS) and the World Aquaculture Society (WAS). AQUA 2018 highlights the latest aquaculture research and innovations to underpin continued growth of this exiting food production sector.

At the Aqua 2018 conference, BioMar researchers and scientists present their latest findings on various topics related to especially functional ingredients for aquaculture feeds that can help fish and shrimp to better resist challenging periods that they may encounter.

In the trade show area, you can find BioMar at booth no. 26+27+45+46. During the trade show, BioMar will put extra emphasis on the following topics:

Boosting resistance of sea bream – the sooner, the better
BioMar expands its range of Forte functional feeds for stressful periods in sea bream farming with the inclusion of INICIO Forte in 1.5 mm. BioMar's Forte products are especially targeted at gill parasites (Sparicotyle) in sea bream. Our latest trial results confirm that with INICIO Forte 1.5 mm, feeding strategy can start as small as 3 grams. From 30 grams the feeding strategy continues with grower feeds EFICO Forte to help sea bream endure the hostile environmental conditions.

Sophisticated hatchery products for demanding fish and shrimp
BioMar is this year celebrating 15 years of excellence in hatchery feeds and we continue to invest in this segment. BioMar has recently streamlined our product portfolio and adopted new innovations and functional raw materials in our LARVIVA hatchery ranges for fish and shrimp, to maximise health and performance. Furthermore, we have recently opened a state-of-the-art marine fish larval trial unit that not only allows for larval rearing but also the production of live feed. Our hatchery feed experts are always ready to give in depth information.

Sustainability begins with the feed
In BioMar we believe, that sustainability in the aquaculture industry begins with the feed and we believe it is our responsibility to provide our customers with innovative, high performance feed solutions that also reduce the impact on our environment. Come and meet with us to learn more about how BioMar can enable aquaculture farmers and the wider value chain to have a more complete understanding of the sustainability of every raw material found in aquaculture feed

Events of the scale of Aqua 2018 are an inspiring meeting point for all that are interested in the development of the aquaculture industry. At BioMar, we believe that collaboration on mutual interests is the way to create an efficient and sustainable aquaculture industry for all. Researchers, fish and shrimp farmers and other experts join together to share knowledge about their challenges, experiences and expectations of each other. At Aqua 2018 and similar events, researchers and especially the young people interested in developing their careers in aquaculture have easy access to how they can serve the industry.

To BioMar, the exchange of knowledge and the inspiration cultivated towards innovation and sustainable growth of aquaculture, are core reasons to support the Aqua 2018 conference as a Gold Sponsor.

We look forward to meeting you!