Let’s Innovate Aquaculture

March 11 2016

"We are innovators dedicated to an efficient and sustainable global aquaculture". This is the key sentence in a new phrasing of BioMar's purpose statement and it is joined by a new slogan and invitation to cooperation "Let's Innovate Aquaculture". 

Carlos Diaz, CEO of the BioMar Group explains that BioMar as part of defining the strategy for the coming years has been through an intensive process to identify the true DNA of BioMar: "We have looked for the real essence of who we are, and why we do the things we do, as this must be the fundament for any new business strategy."

The BioMar Group is growing worldwide with new production starting up in both Turkey and China this year. Capacity expansion projects are also well under way in both Norway and Denmark and more new projects are coming up. 

"Growth leads to new relations to customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in and around the aquaculture industry. We also get many new faces in our teams around the world. So it is important to remember, who we are, and what has made the fundament for our present success, so we can ensure a continued success together with customers and other partners", explains Carlos Diaz.

BioMar was founded in 1962 by a group of fish farmers, who joined forces to establish a feed factory because they wanted better performing feed. Carlos Diaz underlines that the BioMar purpose is rooted in this long heritage and commitment to aquaculture: "Through cutting-edge knowledge and long-lasting partnerships with our stakeholders, we strive to develop and deliver truly efficient, sustainable, and healthy feed solutions".

Carlos Diaz concludes by emphasizing that BioMar is dedicated to innovating aquaculture: "Aquaculture is our core business and we focus 100 % on driving the development of this industry."

Carlos Diaz, BioMar
Carlos Diaz, BioMar's CEO