Respecting your privacy

May 25 2018

BioMar is committed to respecting the privacy of its employees and business partners and we adhere to strict standards when processing personal information. This has been our global way of working in the past and we will fortify these principles after the implementation of the new European data regulation (GDPR). Right now, we are in process finalizing the roll out of our new global policy for personal data.

To comply with the new legislation for protecting personal data, BioMar is implementing new global standards for handling personal data. Our new global policy comprises not only our European companies but all companies and joint ventures in the group. We believe that the new legislation is a good step in the right direction ensuring that individuals can trust that their data is being processed for legitimate purposes only, and in accordance with a given consent.

As a b-to-b business BioMar does in general process very few personal data, except for data related to our own employees and contractors. We do however take it very seriously to make sure we process all personal data in a rightful way. In our new global policy for handling personal data you can read more about the principles behind our way of working:

Read about our new policy

If you would like exercise your rights or experience that we could improve our way of working, we would be very happy to hear from you.