Results are created by People

BioMar Australia in 2021 was awarded the Tasmanian Employer of the Year by the Tasmanian Training Awards and the Employer of Choice award by the Australian Business Awards.

Photo (From left to right) Victoria Alers, Evan Thompson, David Whyte, Drew McGowan, Andrew Reid


BioMar Australia commenced production in 2020 and was immediately met with additional challenges due to the global pandemic creating a rapidly changing work environment. The team was forced to adapt quickly to these challenges and respond promptly to customer needs.

This propelled BioMar Australia’s staff on a course of rapid development, and management implemented practices that prioritised training, talent attraction and cultural development, resulting in good engagement.


The BioMar culture empowers our teams to maximise their full potential and achieve incredible results.


BioMar Australia was subsequently recognised by the Australian Business Awards and the Tasmanian Training Awards as an employer of choice. These awards are given to companies that demonstrate the core values of business innovation, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction via a set of comprehensive award categories.