BioMar embraces Augmented Reality in the ‘new normal’

Utilizing augmented reality, BioMar global experts are available to troubleshoot technical problems and improve factory processes within minutes. As a result, the new technology is a part of the digital transformation accelerated by COVID-19. 

During the pandemic, BioMar has implemented new technologies to minimize the need for travelling while ensuring the business continues the planned growth. In a world in lock-down, the new tools have enabled the commissioned two factories and start-up of commercial production without international experts on site. Now, augmented reality will find its way into the commercial area, supporting technical services across the globe.


Looking through another person’s eyes

In BioMar, augmented reality has become a part of the new normal, revolutionizing the way of collaborating. The technology makes it possible to support technical trouble shooting and process development being thousands of miles apart.

Glasses with AR-technology enables a local process engineer to be guided by a global expert solving issues in the factory, monitoring production process parameters as well as the actual production equipment. When the local process engineer is wearing the glasses, the global expert can follow an exact picture of what is happening at all stages of the production line with a very high resolution. This technology combined with data from the process enables a fast problem solving with high accuracy.


I am literally at the other side of the world in two minutes. I can inspect products, raw materials and equipment settings in the live environment, enabling me to support the local staff performing adjustments or trouble shoot defects or optimize the equipment” Jorge Segura, Senior Process Manager in BioMar Group, explains.


Customer support is next in line

Based upon the positive results from the production environment, BioMar is now taking steps to include augmented reality as a tool to improve the technical support to the customers:


“With this new digital tool, we can be at the customers site within a very short timeframe bringing regional and global experts in as subject matter experts. In some situations, augmented reality will enable us to get a good picture of the set-up of the site as well as the feeding practices, which can accelerate our ability to support issue solving as well as initiate a dialogue regarding potential process improvements” Henrik Aarestrup, VP for LATAM, Global Shrimp & Hatchery, explains.

As a result, this revolutionary technology allows for BioMar to take a further step in the innovative world.