Authenticity of Marine Products

While BioMar continues to transform aquaculture feeds with innovative new nutrient sources, there still remains no perfect substitute to marine ingredients. Fish oil and fishmeal are excellent nutrients and although we do source certified marine products, we do believe validation is essential in building stakeholder trust.

It has been clear for a long time that the industry could not grow at the expense of wild fish stocks. Since then, we have improved the sustainability profile of our sourced fisheries by supporting science-based certification schemes like IFFO RS and MSC and Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs).

We have also contributed in developing alternative raw materials such as vegetable protein and micro algae for marine omega-3s. Supporting the development of DNA testing of marine ingredients is therefore the next step in BioMar’s commitment to responsible sourcing of marine raw materials.


Fish oil and fishmeal are excellent nutrients and although we do source certified marine products, we do believe validation is essential in building stakeholder trust.


The authenticity testing platform, developed by Norway-based Orivo in collaboration with BioMar, is based on advanced DNA-technology. The test determines the species composition of marine ingredients with a high level of precision, able to detect the presence of even very small amounts of DNA. BioMar believes that DNA-testing of marine ingredients in the aquaculture industry is a natural answer to the call from customers and stakeholders for improved transparency and traceability in seafood value chains.


“To have BioMar join as our first client in this area has been key. We greatly appreciate the patience and faith they have shown during the development and testing stage of the technology. Their long-term commitment to this project is a sign that the service we are now providing is of value to the feed industry," ORIVO CEO, Svein Erik Haugmo. 


Reports of fraud in many of the world’s largest seafood markets highlights the importance of accurate and reliable traceability data throughout the aquacultural value chain. BioMar will now be able to genetically test whether the species composition in a sample of raw material matches the reported composition on the traceability certificate. BioMar has a great deal of trust in our suppliers and understands that both have a responsibility as stewards of the ocean. As such, we expect this new DNA-based test to play a crucial role in efforts focused on building consumer and stakeholder trust. 

ORIVO is looking to increase their footprint in the feed industry. Together with BioMar, they have started working on selected feed ingredients, but these represent just a small part of the many industry-specific issues they think can be solved with their technology. These can be extended to cover all marine ingredients and seafood. ORIVO is currently working very hard on developing tests that can address all these issues.