From Particleboard to Feed

In BioMar we believe that nothing should go to waste, if it can safely be reused. In 2017, BioMar decided to re-purpose a closed, former particleboard manufacturing mill in Tasmania and turn it into a state-of-the-art aquaculture feed facility.

There were some significant challenges in rehabilitating the site including asbestos in the original construction and derelict machinery to dismantle. We recycled everything we could and safely and correctly disposed of the rest, working closely with the Environment Protection Authority, local council planning department and the state government.


BioMar was able to preserve a significant proportion of the original 1963 mill site as most of the infrastructure, drainage, steel frames for buildings and foundations were in good condition. The old metallic frame structures were high pressure water cleaned and now forms the structure for the warehouse sections of the new factory.

Historically, BioMar had been importing aqua feeds from Chile and most recently Scotland to the region. The start-up of local manufacturing provides the opportunity to use local ingredients and will also provide a much needed economic boost to a part of Tasmania that has suffered from downturn in the manufacturing industry.

Sustainability has been embedded in the DNA of BioMar from the very beginning. In BioMar we encourage circular economy thinking throughout the company and it is inspiring to see the novel, sustainability driven ideas that are brought to life.