Quality Assurance in BioMar


To ensure optimum quality of raw materials, BioMar only uses reputable suppliers who have been assessed and approved in accordance with our quality assurance system. The suppliers are aware of the current specifications and requirements.

The raw materials are bought on contract. Analyses approved by BioMar are carried out on raw materials of significant importance to the quality of the finished feed, before the products are shipped.

When the raw materials are received, they are inspected by experienced employees before unloading. Samples are taken for subsequent testing at the BioMar laboratory. A sample is kept in BioMar's archive in case it at a later time becomes necessary to document the quality of the product used. The driver signs a statement that the lorry has been cleaned in accordance with current regulations.


Production computers control and ensure the weighing of raw materials in accordance with the set recipes. The feed is produced with modern equipment, where all processes are continuously monitored and registered. This enables BioMar to go back over the process and establish the specific parameters of the current production. In addition, the registrations allow gradual development and optimisation of the production processes.

BioMar works according to established routines, which ensure consistent quality of the finished products and a high degree of operational reliability and therefore reliability of delivery. These routines include:

  • Maintenance of buildings, machinery and other equipment
  • Cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Employee training

During the production of the feed, samples are regularly taken for testing at BioMar's laboratory. The testing is done according to established procedures and ensures that all products are subject to a series of relevant analyses and tests before they are released for sale.

Delivery and distribution

Only products approved by the quality control are released for delivery from the warehouse. The warehouse is controlled according to a batch number system, which ensures that the products are delivered in the order they were produced. The batch number system is structured in such a way that every single product or variation of a product has its own number. This ensures that the correct product is delivered.

BioMar only uses carriers who have been assessed and approved according to our quality assurance system. This ensures that the customer receives the correct product in good and undamaged condition at the agreed time.

Deviation handling

An effective system for handling deviations in processes and products, including complaints, is a significant element in BioMar's quality assurance system. The system is based on a reporting component, a processing component and a prevention component. The prevention component implies that possible ways of reducing the risk of a repetition of the incidents are considered for every deviation and error. This forms the basis of our ongoing effort to ensure high and uniform quality throughout the process.