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Within recent years, the demand for recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)* has experienced a rapid rise around the world. As these advanced farming technologies continue to develop and evolve, so does the complexity and need for advanced aqua feeds that meet the specific requirements of RAS.

BioMar's RAS feed

Advanced aquaculture systems require an equally advanced feed. BioMar's RAS feeds are specially designed for recirculating systems, to maximise the performance of both the fish and the biofilter.

Developed under ORBIT, the first feed concept specially designed for recirculating aquaculture systems, our RAS products primarily focus on solid performance, water quality, stable and easily collected faeces and a sound fish health – all with an ultimate purpose: Significant increase of fish production on a given biofilter capacity.

* Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) typically consist of advanced indoor, tank-based systems in which fish are grown under very controlled conditions. The technology utilises mechanical and biological filters to reuse the water, passing it through treatment processes to remove organic waste and keep the high water quality intact.

RAS Centre of Excellence

In collaboration with our customers, we will meet the rising demand by targeting the improvement of our existing RAS products and the development of innovative, new RAS feed solutions.


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RAS Knowledge Hub

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BioMar accelerates next generation of feed solutions for RAS

Building upon decades of research within feed for recirculation, BioMar has now chosen to increase focus on feed solutions for this segment. BioMar states that land-based farming can improve efficiency and operational stability using even more advanced feed solutions.

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RAS Webinar Series: Beyond technology

Join BioMar, RASTech and Benchmark Genetics in a two-part webinar series focused on the role of fish biology and nutrition in recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) environments.

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