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What is RAS?

About RAS

Within recent years, the demand for recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)* has experienced a rapid rise around the world. This fundamental change to traditional aquaculture represents the growing demand for greener and more sustainable methods of growing fish & shellfish. As these advanced farming technologies continue to develop and evolve, so does the complexity and need for advanced aqua feeds that meet the specific requirements of RAS. 

BioMar's RAS feed

Advanced aquaculture systems requiere an equally advanced feed. BioMar's RAS feeds are specially designed for recirculating systems, to provide fast and healthy growth and maximise the performance of both the fish and the biofilter.

Our RAS products have a high level of digestible energy, low conversion rate and balanced energy utilsation for optimal water quality. Raw materials are selected and combined to ensure faeces with the right consistency, which ensures that it is stable and easy to collect.

By creating balance and harmony between our aqua feed and any given recirculating aquaculture system, we seek to provide significant increase of fish production on a given biofilter capacity.

* Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) typically consist of advanced indoor, tank-based systems in which fish are grown under very controlled conditions. The technology utilises mechanical and biological filters to reuse the water, passing it through treatment processes to remove organic waste and keep the high water quality intact.


BioRAS - our new RAS centre of excellence - consists of BioMar RAS experts within fish nutrition, process technology, formulation, production, quality, product management, technical support, sales and marketing. In collaboration with our customers, the BioRAS team will meet the rising demand by targeting the improvement of our existing RAS products and the development of innovative, new RAS feed solutions.

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Hans Jørn Holm

RAS Specialist and Export Manager


TEL.: +45 25 50 50 36

RAS Knowledge Hub

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Accelerating performance of marine RAS nurseries

RAS expands towards marine nurseries and this asks for special attention on specific properties of the feed, such as faeces stability. BioMar presents LARVIVA ORBIT, its new aquafeed specially developed for marine RAS nurseries. LARVIVA ORBIT is planned to be available on the market in the first quarter of 2020. From spring 2020, sea bass and sea bream hatcheries will have access to ORBIT feeds specifically designed for prolonging the growth of fry in land-based facilities before transfer to sea cages.

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SIRCLE – for intensive farming in RAS

BioMar introduces SIRCLE, a trout feed specifically made for intensive trout farming in RAS where solid bed filters are the primary solution for removal of faecal material.

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ORBIT feeds for the next generation of aquaculture technology

BioMar presents the next level of ORBIT feeds for salmonids as they continue to strengthen their focus on specialised feeds for advanced farming technologies, including recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).

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BioMar accelerates next generation of feed solutions for RAS

Building upon decades of research within feed for recirculation, BioMar has now chosen to increase focus on feed solutions for this segment. BioMar states that land-based farming can improve efficiency and operational stability using even more advanced feed solutions.

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RAStech 2020 – At the forefront of recirculation

BioMar will take the lead as a platinum sponsor of the event and show you the latest developments in feeds for recirculation. Join us at this year’s international conference and trade fair for recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). Attendees will hear from leading experts in the global aquaculture industry about all of the latest RAS research, technology and products.

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