A game changer for marine nurseries

Improved water quality is just the tip of the iceberg

Game changer for marine nurseries

Game changer for marine nurseries

Game changer for marine nurseries

LARVIVA ORBIT is the innovative feed concept specially designed for marine nurseries operating on RAS. LARVIVA ORBIT is the solution for maximizing efficiency, performance and profitability of marine nurseries by providing increased advantages and minimizing challenges in production.

  • Balanced nutrition formulation

  • Exceptional physical pellet quality

  • High impact on faeces stability & reduction of fine solids

  • An optimum supplementary package containing functional ingredients

Raw material selection

Raw Material Selection 

Careful selection of raw materials is crucial as they will have a direct impact on physical pellet quality, dust levels and water stability. All these criteria are fundamental to control for the optimal condition of the fish and for their impact on the water treatment systems.

BioMar's state of the art raw material evaluation methodology, allows us to select, grade and score any raw material used for RAS feeds in terms of its impact on faecal stability. All ORBIT feed formulas are optimised using this methodology, in order to select the optimal raw material composition to ensure maximum faecal stability, providing the lowest possible impact on the RAS unit, without affecting performance.


Digestibility matters

In recirculating aquaculture systems, the digestibility of proteins and lipids play an important role in ensuring maximum performance of the fish and the system. When energy comes from the breakdown of protein, the result is unutilised nitrogen, which is released as ammonia through the gills and urine. LARVIVA ORBIT enables the proteins to be used for growth, instead of just being catabolised.

Reduction of small particles

Reduction of small particles

LARVIVA ORBIT is a game changer feed concept that helps optimise solid waste management in RAS. Large scale trials in commercial conditions have shown a consistent reduction of the percentage of finer suspended particles, thus increasing the efficiency of mechanical filters.

Benefits of LARVIVA ORBIT 

The benefits of an efficient solid waste management in RAS go beyond improved water quality


A well-documented solution

Trial results have shown that LARVIVA ORBIT matches or exceeds productive performance of other commercially available diets.

  • Higher Specific Growth Rate (SGR)

  • Lower Feed Conversion Rate (FCR)

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