African catfish

Clarias gariepinus

Covering your african catfish's needs

Catfish are considered an easy-to farm-species with a great taste. In warm climates, catfish farming is becoming more intensive and in cooler climates catfish are farmed in recirculation systems. This increases the demand for extruded feed pellets. BioMar has carefully formulated fingerling and grower feed for catfish to meet these demands.

Choosing the right feed

It matters to choose the right feed according to production setup and scope.
Best Economic Performance

The path to increased financial yield

The prices of feed raw materials and of farmed species fluctuate for many reasons. When both costs and income fluctuate, it is crucial that the farmer can choose products that provide the best financial end result – tailored to meet the circumstances.

By means of adapted feed composition, feed choice and feeding regime, we can offer a unique support system based on documentation beyond comparison: the Best Economic Performance model. The customer defines the performance goals and BioMar adapts the product strategy to fit these demands

Feeding all stages

Nutritional requirements vary through the life cycle of each single species.

BioMar's feed ranges cover the special needs in the full life cycle from egg to harvest of both fresh water and marine fish species, and of shrimp.

Starting with the LARVIVA diets for hatcheries and a number of specific types of fry feeds we offer a large variety of transfer feeds and grower feeds developed to match the nutritional needs of specific species in various farming conditions.

On top, we offer specially enriched broodstock feeds, conditioning the brood stock to deliver highest quality eggs and by this securing the best possible start for a new cycle.

BioRhythmic feeding

Good production results are based on informed choices

Our BioRhythmic feeding concept helps to achieve the best possible production results when growth rate, feed conversion rate and survival are very important parts of the picture.

For optimised performance, the daily energy intake must be maximised throughout the production cycle. It matters to choose a feed that maintains the appetite at a high level, irrespective of environmental changes like temperature and light conditions.

Furthermore, it is essential to choose a diet with an energy level that is closely adapted to the growth potential in the various stages of production. It is equally important to apply an optimal feeding regime ensuring the amount of feed needed from day to day to reach production targets is available.

Fish health

Our research prioritises strategies for the development of diets supporting fish health.

We care about the health of fish, fish farmer’s finances and the healthy reputation that farmed fish deserve and on which the industry relies.

BioMar aims to offer a range of functional diets effective against the most serious production disorders, and covering the entire production cycle for a large number of farmed species.

Our research on one species is very often relevant for another. This is especially applicable in terms of fish health, where functional diets tend to have a broader spectrum of use with respect to species than grower feeds do.

Product ranges

Starter feeds

The optimal start

BioMar's fry feed INICIO Plus covers all the nutritional needs of farmed fish during the first life stages. INICIO Plus contains is based on superior quality raw materials, high protein levels, balanced amino-acid and fatty acid profiles, vitamins and micronutrients.

Due to its specially developed composition, INICIO Plus consistently out-performs in feed trials with excellent feed conversion, growth, and low mortality results. By improving the performance of the fish, BioMar's starter feed contributes to increased production profitability.

INICIO Plus contains Bactocell®, a well-documented probiotic that reduces deformities and mortality across fish species. In addition, our studies as well as many independent scientific publications, show that the use of probiotics in the feed also enhances the general health status of the fish and increases digestibility of the feed.

Furthermore, a unique production process ensures an optimal sinking speed, well adapted to the eating behaviour of the fry. The result is an optimal growth rate and good feed conversion.

Our production process also emphasizes physical quality with well calibrated sizes as well as absence of dust. Good physical quality assists in maintaining a clean and healthy aquatic environment for the fry.

Grower feeds

Focus on feed performance

BioMar's feed for catfish is designed for farmers who focus on a total economic performance. With an optimized digestible protein/digestible energy ratio specifically for catfish, the fish perform exceptionally well in terms of growth, feed conversation ratio, and flesh quality.

Broodstock feed


BioMar's broodstock feed is specially formulated to provide key nutrients that will be transferred from the mother's diet to the egg reserves stored in the yolk. EFICO Genio feed supports production of nutrient-rich eggs which hatch into high performing fry. 

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