BioMar's contribution

BioMar’s Contribution

BioMar was the first company within the aquaculture industry to be certified as sustainable, according to the DNV ProSustain standard

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BioSustain lays the foundation

The tool used in BioSustain, BioMar's sustainability programme, is based on BASF's methodology. It has been developed to measure and evaluate sustainability throughout the value chain. BioSustain is also based on the principles behind Agenda 21.

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Efforts on the International Stage

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BioMar is working on the international stage for increased sustainability

Since the launch of our BioSustain programme in 2007, BioMar has worked with various international organisations and continuously participates in several international organisations to ensure increased sustainability and is an active participant in and contributor to the Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund (AWR), amongst other organisations.

Sustainable aquaculture starts with sustainable feed. When we harvest nature, it must be done in such a way that it can replenish itself and lay the foundation for continued harvesting. This is the focus area for BioMar's sustainability programme. To ensure sustainability, environmental, social and economic criteria must all be fulfilled and they are within our areas of emphasis.

Our areas of emphasis

BioSustain and ASC certification

When we developed BioSustain, there was no common international standard for increased sustainability. We had to find our own way. In collaboration with BASF, we found a method that combined tools for eco-efficiency with social responsibility and verification – leading to the DNV ProSustain standard. Today, sustainable practices have become add-ons in several standards. The ASC certification has established itself as a joint international standard for responsible fish farming, and an ASC feed standard is also on its way. The methodology behind BioSustain provides our customers with the basis for increased sustainability and minimised sustainability risks. It is based on certified methods of analysis, measurement and improvement. The methodology for "best practice" at BioSustain can easily be adapted to the requirements for ASC certification and therefore forms the basis to achieve these. BioMar wants to be an active partner in the optimisation of sustainability and adaptability to A

Our Goals for Sustainability

Sustainability Report

Our goals for environmental work and sustainability

Every year we prepare a sustainability report for BioMar, measuring our efforts against our ambitions within the main fields of health and quality, the environment, society and employees, all in line with the GRI G4 guidelines.

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Our Sustainability KPIs

Being a multinational manufacturer and a responsible global player, BioMar has identified a number of global KPIs in accordance with our materiality assessment.

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Areas of Awareness