Reducing Our Footprint

Focusing on sustainability throughout the entire value chain

Environmental footprint

ROF: Environmental footprint (item, R pic.)

We reduce our own environmental footprint

Our main focus is supporting our customers delivering healthy, great tasting seafood. We do this by innovating efficient, safe and nutritious feed with minimal environmental footprint.

That is why we have been a pioneer in innovating new aqua feeds based on alternative raw materials complementing the use of fish meal. And that is why we care about the environmental impact of our logistics.

Key Performance Indicators

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We enhance sustainability through global Key Performance Indicators

Being a multi-national manufacturer and a responsible global player, BioMar has identified a number of global KPIs in accordance with our materiality assessment.

With these challenging metrics and goals, we arrange to strengthen the sustainable development of our activities and improve the sustainability of the aquaculture value chain.

Our KPIs aim to reach ambitious goals covering a wide range of topics.

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Areas of Emphasis

We do our utmost to ensure sustainability throughout the entire value chain, from raw materials to the harvested fish.

Health & Quality

We put emphasis on good health and high quality

Worldwide, public health will in the future increasingly depend on the quality of farmed seafood.

Hence, the nutritional content and the health and quality status of fish and shrimp fed on our products will play an increasingly important role.

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We put importance on acting responsibly

BioMar is strongly involved in the local communities where we are present with the aim to improve living conditions through cultural, social, and educational activities.

At the same time, we intend - through judicious purchasing and careful selection and auditing of suppliers - to secure that our suppliers act equally responsible towards local communities in the countries where we source our raw materials.

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We care about protecting the environment

Through our activities, we seek to contribute to increased sustainability by minimising our own emissions and at the same time increase our production.

BioMar feed solutions focus on improving the environmental balance by reducing emissions to the aquatic environment and by targetting a more sustainable use of raw materials. We also aim to promote increased use of functional feeds. These provide increased feed uptake and reduced emissions from the aquaculture systems, as well as enhanced health of the farmed fish and shrimp, and higher survival rates.

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