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We secure that raw materials are responsibly sourced, with full traceability.

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At BioMar, we care about our planet and its people. We are dedicated to innovating for an efficient and sustainable aquaculture, doing our part in developing this global industry. Raw materials count for an important part of our impact on people and planet. Hence, we have made a pledge to ensure responsible sourcing of raw materials.

Sourcing Policy

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Responsible sourcing

We use sustainably sourced raw materials – delivered by responsible suppliers.
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Our sourcing policy

The BioMar Group applies defined minimum standards in sourcing of ingredients, although additional requirements may apply for some markets.

BioMar is sourcing all raw materials from designated suppliers, approved and audited according to BioMar risk assessment procedures including traceability, sustainability, food safety, quality systems, and ethical and environmental policy. All suppliers must recognise the BioMar Code of Conduct.

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Supplier Approval, Audit and Traceability

The minimum standard for raw material suppliers to BioMar is based on BioMar Code of Conduct and resolutions made by BioMar’s Sourcing Review Group in agreement with BioMar Group Sourcing Policy.

BioMar has set a Supplier Approval Audit Team (SAAT) that is responsible for the overall approving and auditing of suppliers, and to ensure traceability of common raw materials and suppliers to BioMar locations worldwide.

Raw material transportation is part of the SAAT supplier approval system.

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BioMar's Sourcing Review Group

The BioMar Group has defined corporate policies on sustainable sourcing and established relevant standards. Raw materials, as well as additives and other ingredients, are analysed and evaluated in terms of sustainability and social responsibility.

We work with globally recognised certification programmes including industry specific programmes developed and implemented by supplier organisations in collaboration with NGOs and official bodies.

BioMar is encouraging all suppliers to acknowledge and support our Code of Conduct. Failure to comply with it may result in supplier disqualification.