Transparency & Food Safety

Transparency and food safety are fundamental to us.

Full traceability

T&FS: Full traceability (item, L pic.)

In BioMar we have a meticulous focus on food safety.

Complete traceability is fundamental to food safety. BioMar procedures and registrations contribute to full traceability both forwards and backwards in the food production chain. All ingredients in the feed can be traced back through BioMar's production and warehouses to the supplier of each individual raw material. Similarly, any raw material or finished feed can be traced to the individual farmer who has received BioMar feed.

We enhance transparency

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We enhance transparency to improve food safety and sustainability, both backwards to suppliers and forward to customers, retailers and consumers.

We create transparency about our actions. We do this through annual disclosures in accordance with the GRI G4 framework that offers a useful method for transparent reporting of our performance goals.

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Food Safety (HACCP)

T&FS: Food Safety (item L pic.)

We ensure a high level of protection of both fish and human health. That is the overall aim of BioMar’s food safety policy.  Carefully devised food safety programmes ensure that farmed fish and shrimp are always healthy and safe to eat.

For this, we have strict internal procedures for all processes at all our facilities and we apply a level of control often exceeding official requirements. In all factories BioMar applies risk analysis in accordance with the principals of the internationally recognised Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point (HACCP) standard.

BioMar Food Safety Policy

Optimising Sustainability

The BioSustain programme describes in detail how to control and optimise sustainability. It enables us and our customers to take informed choices for adapting and promoting sustainability.

Legal compliance

Laws, rules and regulations

All BioMar activities are founded on national, regional and international laws and regulations. We also ensure high standards for social responsibility. As part of our Code of Conduct all suppliers must comply with the laws, rules and legislation of the countries in which they operate.

BioMar’s Code of Conduct

Certified Management systems

Standards and certified management systems

To ensure that our guidelines and intentions regarding transparency and food safety are planned, complied with and verifiable, we have implemented a number of standards and certified management systems with improvement programmes. These include ISO standards and focus on quality management, environmental management and food product safety.

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Sustainable sourcing

Sustainable and responsible sourcing of raw materials

Being a producer of feed for aquaculture we primarily deal with raw materials. That is why we carefully follow conditions and topics associated with the use and purchase of raw materials.

Conditions that may have consequences for our business require that we have a good overview and a swift response time.

Knowing and participating in a number of certification arrangements and control bodies supports us in the monitoring and quality assurance of suppliers and raw materials.

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Tools and Methods

Tools and Methods to measure and optimise sustainability

The top-level of the BioSustainTM pyramid provides tools and methods to measure and evaluate the sustainability of raw materials and processes in our production of aquaculture feeds throughout the entire value chain. This makes it possible to improve sustainability by optimising the feed, aquaculture, processing and transport to market. The tool compares process lifecycles from "cradle to grave".

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