A new feed for stressful periods

April 3 2017

BioMar introduces EFICO Plus 405, a special feed for marine species, targeted for challenging periods and changing conditions.

BioMar has developed grower feed type EFICO Plus 405 for marine species such as sea bass and sea bream, specially designed and adapted to target challenging periods and changing conditions.

- While being innovators, we believe in the importance of listening to the needs of our customers, said Iannis Karakostas, product manager for marine fish species for BioMar’s EMEA Division. - Our sales team reported that there is a need for a feed that prepares the fish for stressful periods.

- With EFICO Plus 405 we now offer an feed type formulated with high quality ingredients that contains bio-active additives that help the fish better resist stress periods. Furthermore, EFICO Plus 405 is specially supplemented with our FOCUS Plus package, adding extra vitamins and several potent micronutrients to the feed, Iannis Karakostas said. - These efficient ingredients engender a positive impact in the fish, including on cellular level, and add to enhance its immune system. With this, our customers now have a tool for preparing their fish for challenging and stressful farming conditions such as temperature changes in spring and autumn and for times of handling, grading, or transferring fish.

The product is available in 3.0, 4.5, 6.0 and 8.0 mm pellets.