A strong team with ambitious goals

July 3 2017

BioMar Group has identified the hatchery feed business as one of the areas which has a significant potential to develop and expand our business. Therefore, BioMar has consolidated a strong team of dedicated hatchery specialists in order to further develop BioMar hatchery products, based on fundamental research on nutritional requirements as well as processing technology.

In cooperation with the existing organization, BioMar's new business unit for hatchery products will play a key role in putting BioMar's signature in the hatchery segment. They will be responsible for developing our hatchery feed business further by expanding into new geographic markets, developing feed for "new species" and hopefully also implementing new and updated feed technologies.

With its new organizational structure, the team of BioMar's business unit for hatchery products consists of a business unit manager and two seasoned product managers; one for the shrimp hatcheries and one for the marine fish hatcheries segment. This business unit is based in Nersac, France, and is also comprised of a widespread commercial team in all local markets that BioMar operates worldwide.

Chris Dinneweth started at BioMar as Business Unit Manager for hatchery products earlier this year. His long career in aquaculture started back in the mid-80s. Chris has worked in both fish and shrimp aquaculture businesses as a researcher and in different managerial positions located in many different parts of the world.

Jef Peeters has been one of BioMar's invaluable assets for several years in different positions from researcher to product developer with focus on hatchery products for shrimp. During Jef's previous position as a nutritional engineer, he acquired ample experience developing shrimp hatchery feeds in many parts of the world from Spain to Ecuador. He also delivered technical support to feed factories and shrimp farms for a premix producer in his past. Jef now holds the position as a Product Manager for BioMar's hatchery products for shrimp.

In June this year, Joana Amaral joined BioMar's business unit for hatchery products. Joana is responsible for further developing and managing the range of hatchery products for marine fish larvae. Joana has a solid background in the hatchery segment due to her previous positions as Operations Manager for sea bass and sea bream cage-culture in one of the largest fish farming companies in the Mediterranean area and as a board member of a sole farm in Spain, advising the technical and R&D teams. Her consultancy experience for sea cage farms and hatcheries for warm water species tops up Joana's expertise in the field. Joana is now BioMar's Product Manager for hatchery products for marine fish.

The team behind the development of hatchery diets will work closely with our commercial team, with experienced sales and technical support. The aim of this collaboration is to have close contact with all of our customers in the markets where we are present today and in new markets where we are going to offer our hatchery feeds in the years to come.

BioMar's efforts to make a remarkable difference in the hatcheries world is not only limited to the newly consolidated team. Investments in research and development as well as production technology are constantly ongoing. BioMar's hatchery feed production facility has recently been updated to enable new product techniques, and more investments are on the way.

With this capable team and the research and development plans in place, BioMar's ambitious goals for the business unit for hatchery products are within reach: existing products will be streamlined, product lines will be completed and new products based on market demands and in close collaboration with our customers will be developed and tested. BioMar has over half a century of knowledge in feed and feeding solutions and will now use this expertise for the purpose of contributing to the hatchery world.

For more information, please contact your local sales representatives.

The team set to achieve BioMar’s ambitious goals of global reach for the business unit for hatchery products (from left to right): Chris Dinnewith, Business Unit Manager hatchery products, Jef Peeters, Product Manager for BioMar’s hatchery products for shrimp and Joana Amaral, Product Manager for BioMar’s hatchery products for marine fish.