Boosting resistance, the sooner, the better

July 2 2018

BioMar expands its range of Forte functional feeds for stressful periods in sea bream farming with the inclusion of INICIO Forte in 1.5 mm.

For sea bream, growing up in sea cages comes with several challenges. One of the most important can be confronting hematophagous ectoparasites that peak in specific periods of the year.

- In the Mediterranean area, this is actually a big problem with severe production losses, said Iannis Karacostas, Marine Product Manager at BioMar EMEA division. – If we can contribute to ease the situation, even though not with a miracle solution, I am satisfied.

The Forte feed ranges are BioMar's functional feeds targeting to prepare sea bream for risky periods at sea cages, particularly those related with hematophagous ectoparasites, and eventually reducing mortality in the ongrowing life stages.

BioMar continues to improve and test the Forte range over the time. Recent trials that have been thoroughly planned and carried out in collaboration with customers have shown the benefits of starting feeding with Forte at an early stage, i.e. already in the nursery or pre-growing unit.

- We saw that the best response was to take action the sooner possible, said Iannis Karacostas. - So far, the smallest pellet size of the Forte range was (INICIO Forte) 1.9 mm. As a result of the trials, we now expand the range with smaller pre-growing feed in size 1.5 mm. With INICIO Forte 1.5 mm we can start the feeding strategy with sea bream as small as 3 grams. For the farmer, it is a preparation step, prior to the transfer, and during hazardous periods, normally from spring to fall. From 30 grams the feeding strategy continues with grower feeds EFICO Forte to help sea bream endure the hostile environmental conditions.

INICIO Forte in pellet size 1.5 mm is available from end of June 2018.