Colourful packaging for starter feeds

August 25 2017

BioMar A/S in Denmark has developed a new temporary design for 20 and 25 kg bags used for starter feeds produced at the Danish BioMar factory to symbolise BioMar's recent efforts on defining the company purpose.

"We are innovators dedicated to an efficient and sustainable global aquaculture", is the key sentence of BioMar's purpose and it expresses the true DNA of BioMar which has shaped our activities since the day that the company was founded in 1962. We are committed to four fundamental guiding principles to support our purpose: Innovation, Cooperation, Sustainability and Performance.

Last year BioMar carried out an intensive process for identifying our purpose that is rooted in our heritage and our commitment to aquaculture. Today, BioMar A/S in Denmark launches a campaign with a new colourful packaging design on the 20 and 25 kg feed bags to symbolise our true purpose and efforts to contribute to an innovative, efficient and sustainable future of our industry by featuring pictures that underline our guiding principles on the 20 and 25 kg bags containing our starter feeds.

Our customers should expect to receive starter feeds produced in Denmark delivered in these colourful 20 and 25 kg bags from the end of August and till the end of the year. We hope and believe, that these colourful bags will cheer up fish farmers in many countries.