Refreshed feeds for top performances in trout farming

BioMar Hellenic has updated their grower feed portfolio for rainbow trout with the newest available R&D knowledge. The refreshed range of BioMar feeds designed for achieving the best economic performance in all farming conditions and for reaching the desired production aims of each individual farm. 

Ensuring the best economic performance for fish farmers lies in the heart of our business. We strive for delivering innovative feed solutions that meet the varying needs of our customers, for all farming conditions and for reaching the desired production aims of each individual farm. For this reason, BioMar is constantly focusing on research for the development of aqua feeds.

Trout farmers served by BioMar Hellenic now can look forward to utilising the most recent grower feed range, updated by applying the newest available findings of BioMar’s global Research & Development team.

The nutritional value of the feeds is secured by a feed composition that ensures to satisfy the needs of the trout at all its life stages. Optimal performance and quality of the refreshed trout grower feed range are obtained by supplying the right balance between digestible protein and digestible energy.

For creating a top performing feed that provides the desired fish growth, BioMar feeds are formulated for delivering an optimum level of highly digestible protein to the fish and for assuring that the feed delivers the right amino acid profile required by the fish in its specific life stage.

BioMar trout grower feeds are available at different digestible energy levels to provide flexibility in production. Using a feed with a higher level of digestible energy can reduce the amount of feed needed, which in turn can support a better water quality and improve sanitation in the farm.

The trout feed portfolio of BioMar Hellenic comprises sinking and floating feeds and satisfies to the request for choosing feed formulas with or without land animal products (LAP).

With BioMar trout feeds, choosing the right feed for securing a top quality of the final fish product comes easy. We look forward to delivering our updated feeds for any trout farming objective and continuing to bring value to the business of our customers.

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