Sophisticated hatchery products for demanding fish

June 29 2018

Reflecting customers' demands, BioMar's high quality LARVIVA and INICIO Plus M products for feeding of the highly demanding fish larvae and fry now come in two recommended lines to fit the different hatcheries' goals and strategies and in new packaging. Furthermore, BioMar's broodstock feeds for marine fish species farmed in the Mediterranean area have been added to the LARVIVA product range.

BioMar's range of hatchery feeds comprises products for a nutritionally balanced start in life of farmed fish species that are very demanding during their initial life stages. - So far, we know from the feedback given by our customers and from trial results that our products are performing excellently and with great acceptance, says Joana Amaral, BioMar's product manager of hatchery feeds for the marine fish segment.

The product portfolio managed by Joana is highly suited for Mediterranean fish hatcheries, producing species such as European sea bass, gilt-head sea bream, meagre and flatfish like turbot and sole. It is also highly recommended for species such as cleaner fish that are widely used for sea lice defense in salmon farming, and for demanding fresh water species such as pike perch and sturgeon.

BioMar's portfolio of products for hatcheries comprises the LARVIVA microencapsulated and granulated feeds for larval and early nursery feed, and INICIO Plus M mini pellets for small, mainly marine, fry.

From end June 2018, also BioMar's broodstock feeds for Mediterranean fish species, formerly known as EFICO Genio 403 and 413, form part of the LARVIVA range of hatchery feeds, under the name of LARVIVA Broodstock Maintenance and LARVIVA Broodstock Maturation, respectively. - These feeds are designed to match the needs of hatcheries for producing high quality eggs and larvae. And they are performing extremely well, says Joana Amaral. - Broodstock feeds are a natural part of our offering of feeds to hatcheries. It makes perfect sense to integrate them into the LARVIVA umbrella. On top, the new names are clearly giving an idea of what the feeds are meant for.

- We now offer a balanced well-structured range with premium and standard products, says Joana, and continues: - By giving recommendations for larval/post-weaning, and nursery stages we match the variety of strategies in hatchery management and help hatchery managers to point out the products they would need.

Packaging and product labels of BioMar's hatchery products have been re-designed. From a purely visual point of view, it is now easier to differentiate the various products. New packaging and names are in the market from end of June 2018. - In a transition period, and as long as we have a remaining stock of produced before end June 2018 in our ware houses, our customers might receive a mix of hatchery products in old and new packaging, Joana explains. - But the products inside are of course of the same high quality, no matter what packaging.

Joana confirms, how proud she is of the hatchery range that she is responsible for: – The range is always under continuous development. We are testing our products, observing the market and estimating its future developments, always in close cooperation with the hatcheries and with external and BioMar R&D. But I am particularly proud of our microencapsulated first feed for larvae, LARVIVA ProStart. Newly hatched larvae are so fragile that only sophisticated feeds can be feed to them and deliver the nutrients they need. And this, LARVIVA ProStart can do it excellently. I can safely say that today and for these life stages of demanding fish species, LARVIVA ProStart is the best feed on the market.

BioMar's portfolio of products for hatcheries comprises the LARVIVA microencapsulated and granulated feeds for larval and early nursery feed, our INICIO Plus M mini pellets for small, mainly marine, fry and now also LARVIVA broodstock feeds.