August 4 2017

BioMar Hellenic in the effort to train, educate and keep up-to-date on new technologies visited Tirana in Albania on the 4th July 2017, where a conference for trout was held at the Dinasty Hotel.

The aim of the conference was to inform Albanian trout farmers about the latest developments in trout farming in the areas of management, organization, nutrition, finished products and markets.

The conference was organized by Mr. Christos Papadopoulos, Export Sales Manager and Vangelis Miti, representative of BioMar in Albania.

The main speakers of the conference were Mr. Ioannis Zarkadas (Technical Manager), Stelios Tsekouras (Technical Support Specialist) and Christos Papadopoulos.
The event was attended by trout farmers as well as by managers related to both trout farming and fish farming in general.

There was a great response from the audience and the presentations sparked the interest of the audience. Proof of this was the number of questions that the audience addressed to the speakers, both during and at the end of the presentations, and which were fully covered.

The appreciative comments of the audience came at the end of the presentations with a successful outcome. The conference ended with the promise of another meeting to be held in the near future, dealing with fish-pathological issues, as well as a series of technical visits on site.