We care for the fish

BioMar was one of the first to market functional feeds that are designed for better fish health and welfare and based upon natural ingredients. BioMar categorises these as SMARTfeeds.

BioMar's SMARTfeeds are primarily designed for feeding during the challenging periods, which appear during the entire life cycle of the fish. These challenging situations can be environmental, pathological or situations that are part of the production cycle such as handling, grading, or transferring fish.

EFICO Plus and EFICO Vital are two examples of BioMar SMARTfeeds. By focusing on nutrition, BioMar's SMARTfeeds give an extra nutritional boost that the fish needs to overcome the challenging situation in a better condition. EFICO Plus is intended to general stress situations for several species, while EFICO Vital has a narrow focus on salmonids and intestinal problems.

EFICO Vital contains in its formulation the probiotic Bactocell®, which is the only probiotic approved by the European Comission  for inclusion in fish feed.

This probiotic bacteria acts in the regulation of micro intestinal flora by rising the amount of beneficial bacteria among other ways of interaction, from its establishment in the gut to have a role on the modulation of immunologic and antioxidant status of the fish, and improvement of intestinal integrity.