EFICO Sigma 811 - A cost-effective feed for sturgeon meat production

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Grower feed for meat production

EFICO Sigma 811 - GR (container)

A cost-effective feed for sturgeon meat production

  • A cost-effective, palatable grower feed formulated specifically for sturgeon farmers.

  • Increased levels of vitamins C, E, and micro-nutrients necessary for fast growth of sturgeon.

  • Recipe optimised to align with sturgeons' body composition.

  • High protein and medium energy to promote sturgeon growth and flexibility in feeding rates.

  • Uses a formulation designed to attain consistent performance with ideal amino acid levels.
EFICO Sigma 811
Pellet size (mm) 3 – 4,5 – 6 - 8
DE (MJ/kg) 16,5 – 16,5 – 16,5 - 16,5
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