Broodstock feeds

Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Broodstock feed

EFICO Genio 991


  • Medium energy levels and high content of micro-nutrients contribute to the development of large, high quality eggs.

  • Contains extra nucleotides, vitamins, and other immune-stimulating micronutrients.

  • High levels of vitamins A, C, and E improve cell membrane development, increase hatching success, and ultimately result in high egg and yolk quality to provide fry with the most optimal start in life.

  • Floating feed allows farm managers to spot the amount of uneaten feed.

  • Contains krill meal which stimulates fish appetite and provides natural astaxanthin necessary for ovarian cell development and growth.

  • Contains Bactocell®* & B-WYSE™**

*Bactocell® is the only probiotic that is approved by the European Commission for its ability to potentially reduce deformities across fish species.
**B-WYSE™ (BioMar Whole Yeast Synergistic Extracts) is a functional yeast-based additive developed by BioMar’s partner Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

EFICO Genio 991
Pellet size (mm) 8
DE (MJ/kg) 17.6
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