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Functional feeds

Sea bream (Sparus aurata)



Intro - Sea bream Functional LOCALS (item)

EFICO Plus - Stronger fish deal better with challenges

EFICO Plus is designed to help strengthen natural resistance and defense of the fish before planned or expected stress periods. EFICO Plus includes extra vitamins and several potent micronutrients, and it is specially formulated for preparing fish for challenging periods, such as handling, grading, temperature changes and fish transfer.

INICIO Forte and EFICO Forte – Boosting resistance when parasites are around

INICIO Forte and EFICO Forte functional pre-grower and grower feed ranges are designed to help sea bream farmers reduce losses in production and performance in sea cages, and help sea bream cope with hostile environmental conditions during this stage, particularly when exposed to hematophagous ectoparasites. INICIO Forte and EFICO Forte can be used preferably from spring to fall, during periods of higher risk.

INTRO Qardio M and EFICO Qardio M - Coping with cold waters

BioMar’s Qardio M range combines the latest R&D results through optimized formulation using extra vitamins, specific ingredients and potent micro-ingredients. INTRO Qardio M and EFICO Qardio M, target to help fish maintaining growth and good condition during the winter period by strengthening them from the very core. This way they get better prepared for the following fast growth period when temperature recovers.