Maximizing performance through enhanced nutrient availability & absorption

Grower feeds

Sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)


Intro - Sea bass/bream Growers LOCALS except bream ES/GR (Item)

BioMar’s EFICO YM and EFICO Kappa grower feed ranges meet the nutritional needs of the fish during the grower stage and farmers’ needs in different farming conditions in the Mediterranean area.

EFICO YM feed range is based on the Performance Concept, in which the feed is formulated for obtaining consistent growth and feed conversion rates. The Performance Concept focuses on available nutrients (digestible energy and digestible protein) rather than their crude values.

EFICO Kappa is a special range that is developed based on Performance Concept and ENA2. The target of the ENA2 is Enhancing Nutrient Availability & Absorption. EFICO Kappa has an excellent reputation with great acceptance among fish farmers.

To comply with specific market needs, EFICO Kappa and EFICO YM feed ranges may be available in two versions: with and without Land Animal Products (LAPs).