Arctic charr

Salvelinus alpinus


BioMar’s broodstock feed is specially formulated to provide key nutrients that will be transferred from the mother’s diet to the egg reserves stored in the yolk. EFICO Genio feed supports production of nutrient-rich eggs which hatch into high performing fry. In addition, EFICO Genio contains immune-modulating ingredients which promote good condition of the broodstock to increase success of future egg production.

Broodstock feeds

EFICO Genio 991R

EFICO Genio 991R- Specially formulated for high quality egg production

  • Medium energy levels and high content of micro-nutrients contribute to the development of large, high quality eggs to provide fry with the most optimal start in life.

  • Includes immunomodulating ingredients, which promote good condition and survival of broodstock after spawning.

  • Contains krill meal which stimulates fish appetite and provides natural astaxanthin necessary for ovarian cell growth, correct pigmentation, and increased fertility.
EFICO Genio 991R
Pellet size (mm) 8
DE (MJ/kg) 17.6
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Comment Semi-floating Broodstock feed