Arctic charr

Salvelinus alpinus


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BioMar grower feeds of different digestible energy levels are available to farmers to provide flexibility in production and financial objectives. Determining which digestible energy level is optimal for a given farmer will depend on the farming intensity as well as the production setup and scope. Increasing digestible energy (DE) in the feed improves the feed conversion rate (FCR) under the condition that the feed includes the corresponding digestible protein (DP) and the optimal essential amino acid levels needed for growth.  Farmers using feeds with higher digestible energy and can potentially use less feed for a given biomass produced. To achieve this goal, a fine tuning of the feed management is also required.

Grower feeds

EFICO Alpha 790R

EFICO Alpha 790R – Flexible feeding solution for multiple farming conditions

  • Top performing feed with medium-high digestible energy.

  • Includes quality ingredients from a wide selection of well tested raw materials, which provides essential micronutrients and a balanced amino acid profile for good growth.

  • Faeces are solid, which is better for biofilters and allows for clearer water.

  • FOCUS Plus supplement available for stressful periods.
EFICO Alpha 790R
Pellet size (mm) 3 – 4.5 - 6
DE (MJ/kg) 19.7 - 19.7 - 19.9
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Comment Cost-effective multi-use