Starter & Smolt feeds

Salmon (Salmo salar)


Intro - Salmon S&S RUS (item)

INICIO Plus is BioMar’s high-quality starter feed designed to give fry the very best start in life. In addition to being a nutritionally balanced feed. INICIO Plus thus effortlessly joins our range of well documented BioMar products known for their outstanding quality ingredients that produce high yields and healthy smolt.

Our smolt feed is manufactured to permit maximum growth, at the same time as supporting the fish through the physiological challenges they encounter during production. BioMar has many years' experience of developing smolt feed specially adapted to the challenges the fish encounter in all phases of their life, for all forms of smolt production including RAS systems. BioMar offers functional feeds with immunomodulating ingredients to help smolts face stressful challenges.  Achieving rapid growth with quality smolt as the end-product is essential for optimising operations.