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Covering your sturgeon’s needs

Due to the extremely long life cycle of sturgeon, sturgeon farming is a long term investment. BioMar has over 20 years of experience with sturgeon feed production, and our close collaboration with sturgeon farmers has given us an important lead in the development of sturgeon feed. In addition, sturgeons are farmed for both caviar and meat; therefore, BioMar offers a full product range with optimal nutritional solutions for farmers to produce both end products. BioMar’s sturgeon feed is produced with high quality raw materials. It is suitable for both recirculation and flow-through systems in a variety of climates for optimum growth performance and cost-effective fish farming.

Product Ranges

It matters to choose the right feed according to production setup and scope

BEST START IN LIFE - LARVIVA larval diets and INICIO Plus fry feed ranges

Optimal feeding is crucial to the beginning of all new life. The LARVIVA larval feed range and INICIO Plus fry feed ranges cover all nutritional needs during the initial life stages from larvae until the juvenile fish leaves the hatchery.

BioMar’s hatchery feeds fit the particular needs of many types of hatcheries and feeding regimes in production, from the more traditional approaches to the very early weaning procedures with substantial replacement of live feed.

Sturgeon Hatchery
Caviar Production

Grower feeds for caviar production

BioMar sturgeon feed is the number one choice in France and is now being offered worldwide. With two different digestible energy levels, EFICO Sigma 840 and 841 offer farmers grower feed choices for different seasons and farming conditions. Furthermore, BioMar has a specially designed finishing feed, EFICO Sigma 844 for caviar producing sturgeon.  By applying our research on the correct fatty acid and nutrient balance, BioMar aims to provide farmers with abundant, quality caviar. 

Grower feeds - caviar

Sturgeon caviar
Meat production

Grower feed for meat production

Traditionally, farmers focusing on producing sturgeon for meat have used low energy salmonid feed. The market demanded an affordable feed that met sturgeon’s specific nutritional requirements. In 2015, BioMar introduced EFICO Sigma 811, which is formulated based on sturgeon amino acid requirements and micro-nutrient needs.

Grower feeds - meat

Sturgeon meat production

Functional feed for Sturgeon

EFICO Plus is designed to help strengthen natural resistance and defense of the fish before  planned or expected stress periods. EFICO Plus includes extra vitamins and several potent micronutrients, and it is specially formulated for preparing fish for challenging periods, such as handling, grading, temperature changes and fish transfer.

Functional feeds

Sturgeon functional feeds