New feed for trout in sea cages

January 3 2018

Rainbow trout in sea cages will grow faster and larger with BioMar-Sagun’s new feed EFICO Enviro 937 Advance.

From January 2018, BioMar-Sagun expands its feed range for trout with EFICO Enviro 937 Advance, a feed that is specially designed for farming of rainbow trout in sea cages. The new feed aims for helping particularly fish farmers in the Black Sea region to achieve a great growth performance on large trout, even in the given short and tough feeding periods.

EFICO Enviro 937 Advance aims to maximize the trout production and shorten the production cycle in sea cage farming due to the levels of digestible energy and digestible protein that are adapted to the body composition of larger fish. Michel Autin, Technical Director BioMar EMEA Division explains: - EFICO Enviro 937 Advance is a feed with high digestible energy level, adapted to seasonal changes. This is secured by carefully selected raw materials in the combination of the feed that maximizes the feed utilization. So the result is optimal health, maximum growth, a shorter production cycle and, last but not least, reduced emissions to the aquatic environment.

EFICO Enviro 937 Advance is available in 8 mm and 10 mm pellet sizes from January 2018. This feed will also be available with FOCUS Plus supplement in all pellet sizes in order for the fish to be better prepared to face stressful situations.

BioMar-Sagun has achieved a great success in providing the right feeds for the right farming conditions, in the very short period of time since the factory was inaugurated in August 2016. This success is due to BioMar’s experience of years in the feed production, the dedication of the local BioMar-Sagun team and their extraordinary efforts in providing the right feed and feeding solutions for the Turkish fish farmers’ needs, expectations and challenges in fish farming. Undoubtedly, the trust that the Turkish fish farmers have shown to BioMar-Sagun’s ability to bring the aquaculture business one step ahead is also a key factor in the company’s success. This success gained mainly in sea bass, sea bream and portion size trout. Now it continues with larger trout farmed in sea cages.

- Trust, strong relationships and long-lasting cooperation play a key role for us to understand our customers’ needs and creating value for their business, says Bora Aydemir, Managing Director of BioMar-Sagun. He continues: - Based on the strong dialogue we have with our customers, we saw a clear need for introducing a new high performing feed type for rainbow trout farming in sea cages. BioMar is a preferred feed supplier by far in countries like Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway where rainbow trout and sea cage farming is practiced in an advanced level. All we need to do is to adapt BioMar’s experience in this niche field to the trout farming in sea water in Turkey.

- We hope that our sea cage farmers will warmly welcome EFICO Enviro 937 Advance and experience its value in their farms, concludes Mr. Aydemir.

BioMar-Sagun expands its feed range for trout with EFICO Enviro 937 Advance, a feed that is specially designed for farming of large rainbow trout in sea cages.