BioMar’s new eco-friendly feed carrier

February 15 2016


As part of the process of renewing its fish feed transportation fleet, BioMar, working in collaboration with NSK Shipping, has ordered yet another newbuilding. The ship will be owned and operated by NSK Shipping, which already owns the MS Høydal and MS Nyksund, both of which form part of BioMar's fleet.

"Bigger vessels with modern hulls and propulsion systems reduce freight costs and shrink our environmental footprint, both of which factors were key considerations during the planning of this newbuilding," says Tore Gunnar Wikdal of BioMar. The MS Høydahl was delivered in 2012 and was fitted with innovative new systems for delivering fish feed in bulk. The ship was also the first gas-powered vessel of its type and made a vital contribution to BioMar's commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. This time round we are building on what we have learned from the MS Høydal, at the same time as which we are complementing BioMar's existing fleet of feed carriers.

The newbuilding will be a high-tech vessel featuring cutting-edge equipment in all areas. This includes cost-effective and environmentally friendly LNG-powered propulsion engines supplied by Rolls-Royce. The ship will be fitted with fish-feed handling equipment that is efficient and gentle on the feed, as well as a DP system for optimum manoeuvrability. The ship was designed in collaboration with NSK Ship Design. The objective throughout the design process has been to create a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution that will satisfy the needs of BioMar and their customers going forward. "NSK Shipping are proud that BioMar have once again chosen us as their supplier," says Kristian Høydal of NSK Shipping. The length of the newbuilding will be 81.5 m and it will have a fish-feed carrying capacity of 2 700 tonnes. BioMar say that the Tersan Shipyard in Turkey will deliver the vessel during the course of 2017. This is the same yard that built the MS Høydal.

For further information, please contact:
•  Tore Gunnar Wikdal, COO BioMar A/S – – +47 901 02 239
•  Kristian Høydal, CEO NSK Shipping AS – – +47 900 11 773