Caring about the local community

In Pargua, Chile, BioMar and its employees actively participate in the development of the local community around the factory.

As an example, a group of BioMar employees gets up early and participate in the cleaning of the local beaches before they go to work.

BioMar Chile is also involved in the social activities that are being organised locally, and make it possible for the elderly and children in the city to enjoy eventful excursions, or participate in fun and memorable Christmas dinners.

In 2014, BioMar Chile supported the local community around Pargua financially, e.g. by fundings for the annual Christmas party of the elderly and children, funding for the end of the year party for the local school, financing sports equipment for the Pargua National Club, transportation for the Las Golondrinas kindergarten and by creating and financing of a supplier development program (2013-2014).