Hatchery feeds

a complete hatchery feed range covering all the nutritional needs for fish larvae and shrimp securing rapid growth and healthy fry.


Intro - Larval P.perch/Marine (item 1)

The LARVIVA hatchery feed range for fish is a complete product range covering all the nutritional needs of fish larvae and small fry in just four different products.

Using copepods as the reference and only using the highest quality of raw materials, the LARVIVA range has proven in tests to be the perfect match even for the most demanding fish species. LARVIVA has outstanding performance and has received excellent feedback from our customers.

All LARVIVA diets for fish contain Bactocell® - a probiotic approved by the European Comission for its documented effect on reducing deformities in fish larvae.

Intro - Larval P.perch/Marine (item 2) range table

LARVIVA feed range for fish (with Bactocell®)

LARVIVA diets for live feed Larviva Multigain Logo Enrichment formulation that boosts the nutritional value of,rotifers and Artemia.
LARVIVA diets for fish larvae Larviva Prostart Logo Agglomerated at low temperature, high protein larval feed for co-feeding with live feed and for early weaning.
Larviva Prowean Logo Weaning diet made of extruded granulates of highest quality to use,in standard weaning procedures.