BioMar response to the loss of MSC certification

December 14 2020

It is very disappointing to witness the MSC suspension and subsequent loss of certification of the Atlanto-Scandian herring and blue whiting fisheries. BioMar advocates for healthy oceans and sustainably well managed fisheries. We made a commitment to the use of certified fish meal and fish oil in our Sustainability Report five years ago and we will continue honouring this pledge. We are working closely with our customers to address this unfortunate situation and we will make sure they are fully serviced. Our customers produce high quality, sustainable seafood and they demand responsibly sourced material. We will continue to honour our commitment and agreements with them. We do not foresee a situation of purchasing uncertified material before a credible initiative is established that outlines clear guidelines with measurable targets, which would ultimately lead to the recertification of the fisheries. We will work closely with the industry and other stakeholder groups like North Atlantic Pelagic Advocacy (NAPA) to see if credible improvement plans can be established.