Good news for the lumpfish

September 11 2016

Specialist feed designed to promote survival ratesBioMar is now adding an entirely new product to its Symbio range for cleaner fish. The new product, Lumpfish Grower, has been designed to produce a more robust fish, thereby boosting survival rates. This product is based on the biggest study on lumpfish nutrition ever conducted.

Better nutrition makes for better health

The vital link between good nutrition and good health lies at the core of this product. Entirely new knowledge about the effects of various ingredients and energy levels has been incorporated in Lumpfish Grower.

This will benefit fish farmers by increasing survival rates in lumpfish in the face of, for example, bacterial disease. It is reasonable to assume that the benefits of this will be measurable in the form of higher delousing efficiency.

Good growth up to vaccination

Lumpfish Grower supports a rearing plan in which substantial growth is sought during the period leading up to vaccination, followed by normal growth in the period leading up to delivery. New knowledge about the balancing of the nutritional content of feed will ensure that the lumpfish attain the required performance during the various phases of their lives, including during their time as active lice eaters.

In-depth expertise on feed for marine fish

Today, salmon lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) are the biggest challenge facing the Norwegian and Scottish salmon farming industry.

  • Lumpfish and other cleaner fish are an alternative and eco-friendly solution in the fight against salmon lice.
  • They are now being reared on a large scale, and developing the correct feed is an important area of focus.

Since 2010, BioMar has conducted extensive testing on feeds for cleaner fish.

This research is founded on the in-depth expertise that the BioMar Group has built up as a supplier of feed for farmed marine species, especially in the Mediterranean region. Almost half of the 45 farmed species for which BioMar supplies feed are marine species, like the cleaner fish. In recent years, the rate of development of feeds for lumpfish in particular has been stepped up and the Symbio product group now has a sound position in the market.