Sponsoring for the further development of European aquaculture

October 5 2016

At the Aquaculture Europe 2016 conference and trade show in Edinburgh BioMar presented the outcome of its R&D efforts in many ways and welcomed visitors from all over Europe.

The Aquaculture Europe 2016 took place in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. By giving a special tasting experience to visitors of BioMar's stand Jim Davis, Manufacturing Director of BioMar's plant in Scotland, honoured a sophisticated and long term Scottish art: the production and tasting of Scottish whisky.

Along with being the Gold sponsor of the Aquaculture Europe 2016 conference and trade show in Edinburgh BioMar was also the sponsor of a nutrition session entitled "Nutritional requirements in marine organisms" comprising sixteen scientific presentations.

At this year's Aquaculture Europe conference BioMar R&D team members presented a variety of their research and development results.

BioMar contributed to the conference with findings in the ARRAINA project, in which BioMar is the only commercial partner from the aquafeed industry, by investigating on a variety of nutritional influences on various performances of both sea bream and Atlantic salmon, be it by investigating on low fish meal & low fish oil inclusion in feeds, influences of supplemented dietary micronutrients or vitamins or high inclusion of plant based ingredients.

Special attention was given to BioMar's research on how to possibly prevent diseases via the nutritional composition of feeds, be it regards to undesired dark spots in the filets of Atlantic salmon, gut health aspects and other.

  • Cleaner fish are an important tool in the defence of sea lice that are of great concern, especially in salmon farming.
  • BioMar presented its latest findings for a targeted feeding of cleaner fish both to the more scientific audience on the conference and to a broader audience attending an industry forum that addressed the use of cleaner fish in European aquaculture.

BioMar's Global R&D team is heavily engaged in developing new feed solutions for the aquaculture industry, partnering with universities and independent research institutes. On the EAS Student Group workshop BioMar researcher Daniel Leeming explained how BioMar R&D practices knowledge transfer and gave insight into the successes and challenges that students might encounter if they consider partnering up with a global aquafeed producer.

The BioMar stand on the trade show had a busy time

Fish farmers from all over Europe and other parts of the world came by and got informed of the latest innovative feed solutions available, targeted at special challenges in European aquaculture.

Aquaculture Europe was also home to the launch of BioMar's new transfer feed line for species farmed in the Mediterranean, containing B-WYSE, a new yeast based functional ingredient that boosts the performance parameters and keep the health status of the fish at the highest standard, even after the difficult period of transfer from hatchery to cages.

BioMar also addressed the challenge of exploiting algae as a new, sustainable feed ingredient in order to secure the future growth of aquaculture. The BioMar Group has launched a fish feed on the Norwegian market, containing marine fatty acids from microalgae. Visitors on the trade show learned that it is now possible to take care of both the nutritional requirements of the fish species and the reputation of farmed fish by focusing on maintaining or even enhancing their omega-3 fatty acid content by utilising this new source of omega-3 fatty acids.

We look very much forward to again meeting with farmers, scientists and many other stakeholders to Aquaculture Europe 2017. BioMar intends to sponsor the further development of European aquaculture.

So as in previous years, BioMar will again be the Gold sponsor of this aquaculture meeting that will take place October 17-20 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.