The cost/benefits model

BioMar has developed a utility for cost/benefit simulation of our product lines. The model shows how changes in the diet influence performance and earnings for individual fish farmers. 

The model is based on the performance parameters from the growth model “Best Economic Performance”, which, in combination with a variety of optional settings, provides for a tailored setup customised to the individual fish farmer. The tool facilitates the comparison of performance and earnings for several product lines with different salmon prices.  

High or low salmon price?

During times of high salmon prices, many are able to increase earnings dramatically by choosing feed offering a high growth potential. More rapid growth maximises revenues as long as salmon prices exceed production costs.

By the same token, low salmon prices dictate it being most profitable to adjust the feed to lower growth rates, to reduce feeding during the salmon’s dormant periods, and to rework slaughter times. 

BioMar can contribute to increased profitability

Cost/benefit simulations are indispensable for predicting the impact of feed choices on fish farm earnings. 

BioMar consultants prepare individual simulations, adapted to the fish farmer's actual estimates.